About TequilaCon

Throughout COVID I've been slinging tequilas and taking all these zoom calls with every celebrity brand known to man. The only problem is I never got to try any so it makes it super hard for me to recommend something that I haven't had my lips on. In addition I think some people haven't been out of the house much and many are in need of fellowship but they just don't remember how much fun it was to be amongst like minded folks.

My idea originally was to get sample bottles out to people that had an interest and then we could all do a zoom with the representatives or "Master Tequilero" (tequila makers/masters). Who knows more about the tequila than the person that makes it themselves right?

This may evolve into something bigger and more beautiful. I'm not sure what hurdles the state of WA have but for now this should be a delicious hobby.

What could we do?

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